Buddha for You has one of San Diego County’s largest selections of new and old Asian art, Buddhist statues, and meditation supplies curated from around the world. We carry the items you need to create a peaceful environment in your home, office, garden, temple or to help evoke the desired tones for your shrine. The art of Asian simplicity and beauty begins at Buddha For You. Our gorgeous showroom has everything you need to create the ultimate serene atmosphere. The showroom itself has long been called “Your Peaceful Place” as many regulars visit us solely to browse and soak up the relaxing vibe of the store, its soft music and the temple that houses it.

Founded in 1998, Buddha for You has a longstanding history in San Diego of providing affordable statues, Asian art, home décor and books to its retail customers. Nationally, we have earned a reputation as foremost specialists in Buddhist statuary: Buddha for You is a leading buyer and seller of fine and antique Buddhist statues. We provide temple-grade custom statue fabrication for temples, individuals and interior designers. We have a shrine and statuary consulting business. And we plan to offer a formal appraisal practice in the near future as well. 

Buddha for You attained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2016 when we moved our store and formally merged into our long-time affiliate the Dharma Bum Temple where we now serve as their in-house gift shop and bookstore. You may view our latest arrivals and other inventory on our Instagram account posted below. And please call or email us with any questions. We will be happy to hear from you and to help you create your own Peaceful Place!


The showroom carries a wide selection of items including: Buddhist & Meditation Books, Asian Inspired Art, Buddha Statues, Singing Bowls, Garden Buddhas, Incense from India and Japan, Meditation Supplies Including Zafus and Zabutons, Thai Amulets/Lucky Charms, Hindu Statues (Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Laxmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Dancing Shiva, Hanuman), Mala Beads / Meditation Bead, Jewelry, Tibetan Thangkas, Meditation and Chanting CDs, Prayer Wheels, Vajras, Crystals, Geodes, Peace and OM Bags, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Shrine Furniture, Monk Robes and Bags and Candles.


Selecting the right Buddha statue is an individual and age old quandary for some. We offer a general consultancy to provide useful context to temples, museums, individuals and interior designers as they seek the right piece or pieces for their specific needs. Such projects often include a range from a simple Q&A session for someone seeking to know the very basics to the design of a temple shrine. We act as shoppers for individuals seeking off-the-shelf solutions (usually providing the client links for self purchase) and also as pickers for specialized antique statuary of a particular size, vintage and or lineage. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation.


Buddha for You fabricates statues for any person or group that seeks our service. Most of our clients are Buddhist Temples, interior designers and individuals.  Finding the appropriate size and lineage of Buddhist statues for your Temple or home can be a difficult task, so some temples seek to explore custom fabrication. Buddha for You has relationships with world renown artisans who have created works on display in temples throughout the Eastern hemisphere.

Our role in consulting with the client is comprehensive and begins with idea generation. We first take great care to understand the general scope, lineage, size and shrine considerations along with any other tangible or intangible parameters. From there we collaborate, show images and begin to discuss fabricators which might be appropriate for your project. Statue creation at the museum quality level is a careful and painstaking process, requiring lots of back and forth between time zones and language barriers. We provide the same services for custom made Thangkas from our network of artisans in Tibet.